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We want to express our deep gratitude to all health care workers, the Red Cross, the Civil Protection, who with their tireless work, commitment and dedication have helped and alleviated the suffering of all infected people, sometimes even without the minimum safety parameters but with the utmost dedication and conviction of being able to defeat Covid-19 definitively.

A heartfelt thanks also to all law enforcement agencies (“Carabinieri”, “Polizia dello Stato”, “Guardia di Finanza”, “Polizia Locale”) who with their presence in the area have allowed to reduce the emergency to a minimum.


For your safe stay at the Hotel Principe di Piemonte in Cuneo, we guarantee you the maximum safety and the application of the protocols provided and for this reason we have put in place additional measures for the health and safety of our Guests and our workers.

Our hotel has always been characterized by cleanliness and hygiene. Now our commitment has further strengthened in order to overcome this emergency and in order to offer a safe stay to our Guests and a workplace in complete safety for our workers. The health and safety of our customers and workers are at the heart of our work.

We have followed and continuously update ourselves on what is indicated in the guidelines issued by the competent bodies both nationally and internationally.

So we devised an internal protocol of behavioral and sanitizing actions. Enhanced health and safety training measures have been put in place.

  • We have equipped all our workers with personal protective equipment and trained them for the correct use of personal protective equipment and also on the behavior to be adopted for new interpersonal relationships with our Guests and among the other staff members.
  • To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, all our workers have been instructed on new procedures and new techniques for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting the rooms and common areas appropriate to the current situation.
  • We have equipped ourselves with cleaning and sanitizing products that include the use of disinfectants such as soldium hypochlorite or 70% alcohol which have proven to be effective in fighting Covid-19.
  • All hotel surfaces are subject to a significant increase in disinfection works.
  • We have increased the cleaning staff and the frequency of disinfection of the rooms.
  • Increased cleaning of all hard surfaces in the common areas of the hotel and in the guest rooms with particular attention to frequently used elements such as bedroom door handles, elevator buttons, TV remote controls, telephones, electronic keys, etc.
  • Increased antiviral disinfection measures on all furniture, equipment, curtains, taps, etc. of the rooms.
  • Increased attention in cleaning the air treatment units of the heat pumps of both the indoor and outdoor units as well as more frequent maintenance and replacement of the filters.
  • The bathroom linen and sheets are collected in the room, put in the appropriate containers and brought immediately to the laundry room to reduce further contacts.
  • All linen is washed at a sufficiently high temperature to guarantee sterilization.
  • Before arriving at the hotel, we recommend our customers to send us all the data of their documents and all company data by e-mail or via WhatsApp if an electronic invoice is issued.
  • Breakfast in the morning, in order to avoid crowds, will be served in the breakfast rooms with the tables appropriately spaced. Customers will be able to choose what they want from the buffet, but the service will be carried out by the staff in charge, with the attention on our part to offer first quality products, preferably in single packets. The tables will be sanitised after every customer.
  • Guests are requested to maintain an interpersonal distance of at least one meter and to wear a mask in the common areas.
  • Personal protective equipment is available to customers who request it: masks, disposable gloves, hand sanitizer gel.

A constantly updated Covid contact person is at your disposal for all information for a safe stay.

In the meantime, we thank you and look forward to welcoming you again soon.

All the measures adopted comply with the ministerial provisions and the products used correspond to the requirements indicated in the ministerial decrees. For more information:

This protocol, drawn up on 25 May 2020, takes into account the provisions and information available at the drafting date and may undergo the necessary amendments as the situation evolves.

Disinfectant action.

– We have installed in our lifts an absolutely innovative and technologically advanced sanitization system called HY LIGHT which, using VLD (Visible Light Disinfection Germicidal) technology, destroys cells by altering the state of microorganisms and therefore it prevents them from being harmful, also creating a hostile environment for their proliferation.
These devices work through LED lighting that is completely harmless to humans but extraordinarily effective from a bactericidal and germicidal point of view.
With the aim of always guaranteeing maximum comfort in terms of lighting for users in the cabin. With occupied cabin the device will be off, in case of empty cabin the device will be on.
The sanitization process takes place in alternating phases but continuously throughout the 24 hours daily, thus guaranteeing a constant level of sanitization: 24 hours a daily, 7 days a week.

– In riferimento alle misure igienico sanitarie, punto “l”, il sistema ed il prodotto che utilizziamo rispetta le disposizioni di contenimento e di emergenza in quanto sviluppa cloro attivo in misura 1050 ppm alla diluizione del 1% (10 gr. per ogni litro di H2O). Il prodotto disinfettante e virucida viene vaporizzato e nebulizzato negli ambienti sviluppando cloro attivo e disinfettando così tutte le superfici, attrezzature, suppellettili, ecc., con un’azione detergente danneggiando la cellula batterica: provoca l’ossidazione delle strutture e dei composti fondamentali quali le proteine danneggiando in maniera vasta ed irreversibile e disattivando e distruggendo così i microorganismi.

Di seguito il processo di disinfezione.

OGGETTO: Conformità Rely+OnTM VirkonTM secondo decreto Presidente del Consiglio 04 marzo 2020.

“Decreto del presidente del consiglio dei ministri 04 marzo 2020.

Ulteriori disposizioni attuative del decreto-legge 23 febbraio 2020, n. 6, recante misure urgenti in materia di contenimento e gestione dell’emergenza epidemiologica da COVID-19, applicabili sull’intero territorio nazionale. (20A01475)

(G.U. Serie Generale, n. 55 del 04 marzo 2020)

Allegato 1

Misure igienico-sanitarie:

  1. a) lavarsi spesso le mani. Si raccomanda di mettere a disposizione in tutti i locali pubblici, palestre, supermercati, farmacie e altri luoghi di aggregazione, soluzioni idroalcoliche per il lavaggio delle mani;
  1. b) evitare il contatto ravvicinato con persone che soffrono di infezioni respiratorie acute;
  1. c) evitare abbracci e strette di mano;
  2. d) mantenimento, nei contatti sociali, di una distanza interpersonale di almeno un metro;
  1. e) igiene respiratoria (starnutire e/o tossire in un fazzoletto evitando il contatto delle mani con le secrezioni respiratorie);
  1. f) evitare l’uso promiscuo di bottiglie e bicchieri, in particolare durante l’attivita’ sportiva;
  1. g) non toccarsi occhi, naso e bocca con le mani;
  2. h) coprirsi bocca e naso se si starnutisce o tossisce;
  3. i) non prendere farmaci antivirali e antibiotici, a meno che non siano prescritti dal medico;
  1. l) pulire le superfici con disinfettanti a base di cloro o alcool;
  2. m) usare la mascherina solo se si sospetta di essere malati o se si presta assistenza a persone malate.

Secondo il decreto del Presidente del Consiglio dei Ministri del 04 marzo 2020 il prodotto Detergente Disinfettante di Alto Livello denominato Rely+On Virkon, in riferimento alle misure igienico sanitarie, punto “l”, rispetta le disposizioni di contenimento e emergenza, in quanto

sviluppa CLORO ATTIVO in misura 1050 ppm alla diluizione 1% (10 gr. per litro di H2O).

Il prodotto Rely+OnTM VirkonTM è un prodotto per la disinfezione di alto livello di tutte la superfici, con azione detergente ed è stato testato su:

1) Più di 400 ceppi batterici appartenenti ad 80 specie;

2) Più di 60 ceppi fungini appartenenti a 20 specie;

3) Più di 10 ceppi sporigeni appartenenti a 5 specie;

4) Su 4 ceppi appartenenti alla specie Mycobacterium;

5) Più di 60 ceppi virali appartenenti a 40 specie virali.

Il prodotto Rely+OnTM VirkonTM, inoltre, è in possesso delle certificazioni EN 1276, EN 13697, EN 1650, EN 14476 e AFNOR NF 72-151 e AFNOR NF 72-171 nei confronti di Batteri, Funghi, Virus, Spore e Mycobatteri, ed è stato approvato sia dal CDC di Atlanta che dall’US EPA ( United State Environmental Protection Agency). Una delle caratteristiche più importanti del prodotto è data dalla sua Atossicità e Biodegradabilità, poiché il componente principale, il Perossimonosolfato di Potassio, alle normali concentrazioni di utilizzo (1%) sviluppa una quantità di CI di 1050 ppm.

Certificazione Rely+On Virkon 2020

Virkon human coronavirus study A15462 -estratto